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The Rustic Tiller Pre-Order Shipping Schedule

Brown Sugar Canister- Arrives May 15th

Chocolate Chips Canister- Arrivers May 15th

Bread Box- Arrives July 2019.

Tea Pot- Arrives Late July Early August

Home Birdhouse- Arrives Late July Early August

Tweet Birdhouse- Arrives Late July Early August


Pre-Orders are made available to you as a convenience.  We know you are busy and don't always have time to find the items you want. So, we offer you the opportunity to pre-order and prepay for your item to ensure you will receive it.

Unfortunately, because some of our items are imported from china, shipping delays can occur and should be expected. We will always give you a ETA in the description of the item, but, Please understand that things can happen that are out of our control.

When you agree to our terms and conditions you are agreeing that you understand the above.

Please follow the website for updates on pre-shipping dates. We will keep you as informed as we are. 

Emails are nice, but, you can find your information on the website and it will save you and I valuable time.

We would like to Thank you in advance for your trust in us.