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Dinning Room Niche Makeover

The process of switching over to "Farmhouse" style can be daunting. It also can be very expensive to change your entire home from your current look to all new.

I am cheap. I have always looked for a bargain on items I want. I always use a coupon when shopping and if I can redo a item, I will! I suppose that comes from being married young and not having money for fancy things. 

I bought a mahogany hutch years ago to use in our entertainment room. And when we moved into our current home It fit perfectly in the dinning room niche. It is a great place to store dishes and table linens and holiday decor for that room.

However, I wasn't happy with the color anymore. 

It was dark and gloomy and didn't speak to me anymore. I wasn't happy with the decor on top either. So I did what any gal does, I went to Pinterest for inspiration! (Ha Ha!).

I was originally going to sand that cabinet down and apply a wax. But, I think that there is enough wood element in the room. So, I decided to paint it. (I know you wood enthusiast are screaming right now, SHE PAINTED MAHOGANY!) It's ok!  Sometimes furniture needs a good sloppy coat of paint! 

Now, if you have followed me on ay other projects you will know that I am

#1 Impatient.

#2 Lazy.

And I'm not even ashamed to admit it! 🤪

With that said, I have found a paint that I am truly in love with and have used on several projects. It requires no prep work at all (Right up my alley!) dries quickly 😀 and looks great when complete.

I always apply the wax after. This doesn't take away from the chalky finish but it seals it and smooths it out. (Dusting is easier!)

I realized that when I find a old piece of painted furniture what I love about it is the natural distressed look. The obvious layers of paint built up from over the years, and the stains and cracks and blemishes. I love it all! (Texture whore here 😀) All of these elements make the piece more interesting to me.

I am not careful to create a perfect piece when I am painting. In fact, I try my hardest to make the piece perfectly imperfect! There is no sanding of rough edges. there is no filling of pits and holes or sealing of cracks.

I love how all of the details of a piece of furniture come to life once it's painted. I never payed much attention to all of the details on this piece. Now, I feel so lucky! There are cracks, and dents and pits. I couldn't recreate them if I tried. Funny, I never noticed them before! All of these things make this piece of furniture look really old. As if I got it off a old farm! 😍

This niche was a sore spot in my home for a long time. I wasn't sure that shelves would look good or if I should hang a picture. So, I tried both. The shelves won. They instantly made the area make sense. And, I love that they add depth and take your eye away from the odd height of it.

I had fun with the decor. I put it all together in the store. I knew exactly what I wanted and I wasn't going to leave until I nailed it. Plus, I had coupons for everything and paid next to nothing! Joann stores aren't just for seamstresses!

The trick to converting your home with a entire new pallet and look is savings.

If you aren't careful you can go over board. I suggest you keep an eye on the stores that you love to shop for their sale weeks. Download their apps for extra savings and ALWAYS go in with a list of exactly what you want. Don't try shopping to many rooms or areas at once. Not only can that be overwhelming but it adds up quick!

Well, Here is my finished look! 

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this project!