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5 Home Improvement Projects to Boost your Mood

Your Environment Affects Your Emotions

Everyone knows that investing in home improvements and renovations can increase the financial value of their home, but did you realize that doing so also has a direct link to your overall feeling of wellbeing? Most people are very sensitive to their environment, even if they don't always realize it.

When your home feels dark, cramped, cluttered, dingy, or outdated, you may find yourself feeling increasingly depressed and anxious whenever you're home. On the other hand, a clean, bright, soothing home can bring you feelings of peace and contentment. 

Your home should feel like a soothing sanctuary, and a launching pad for exciting new projects. If it instead feels depressing, anxiety-inducing, or like it's holding you back, it's time to make some improvements.

5 Examples of Happiness-Boosting Home Improvement Projects

Would you like your home to make you, and your family, happier but not sure where to start? Here are 5 ways to turn a humdrum house into a home of happiness:

Big, clear new windows. Natural light is key to feelings of happiness, peace, and productivity. If your current windows are old, dingy, dull, and small, replacing them with beautiful, large new windows will have a dramatic affect on how happy your home feels and how beautiful it looks. Bathing your home in gorgeous natural light will give your whole family an energy boost on a daily basis.

Decluttering. Sometimes it seems like a cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind. It can be hard to feel calm and happy when surrounded by piles of random belongings. Going through your home with a critical eye and donating or selling anything you no longer need, use, or enjoy is a low-cost way to instantly make your home feel more serene.

Updated paint colors. Repainting is an affordable and quick way to transform the feel of your home. According to most interior design experts, natural colors like light browns, grays, blues, and greens help create a feeling of calm and happiness throughout your home. 

A Spa-Like Bathroom. If you have the budget to renovate an old, tired bathroom, you may be surprised at how much this will affect your happiness. Recessed lighting, plush white towels, and a glass-encased shower can make every shower feel like a visit to the spa, leaving you refreshed and ready to tackle your day.

Paint a Piece of Dark Furniture. I have done this in several areas of my home and I highly recommend this to everyone I talk to. A dark corner of your home can easily be transformed and lightened up in just a couple of hours with some paint and a little elbow grease.