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The Rustic Tiller Pre-Orders

Please be aware of ALL product ETA's prior to placing your orders.

Once you place your pre-order you can follow our customer group on facebook for updates and also find pre-order shipping updates on our website. The updates will only take place when there is a actual update. 

Check Preorder Shipping Schedule HERE

Please refrain from emailing the rustic tiller regarding your pre-order unless it is past the ETA or to update your shipping address. This lessons confusion for both parties.

I have been accepting and executing successful pre-order since 2017.  I give you updates as I receive them from my manufacturer. 

Pre-Orders are not required. They are offered to give buyers the chance to purchase something they desire without having to worry that it will sell out prior to arriving. They are not required to order. 

Thank you for visiting the Tiller! 

Happy Shopping!