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Farmhouse Style Fireplace Makeover

Written by Anna Maldonado


Posted on January 07 2018

A great weekend project!

We have a California traditional home built in 2006. It is cookie cutter for sure. But I knew I could have a stand alone home if I put my heart into it. I knew when we bought this home that over time it would take on the farmhouse style I have always loved so much.

Its been a process thus far.

I have always loved this look. But it can be costly to redo a home So slow is the name of the game here. In other homes we owned I had no problem doing crafty type makeover things. In this home for some reason I have procrastinated. A lot! 

A year ago we removed all of the tile and carpet downstairs and had distressed hardwoods installed. I have always wanted wood floors. They add such warmth to a home. We selected distressed because we wanted to be able to stain scratches and nicks easily and have them blend in. It's been a great floor!

Crown moulding was added throughout and 8" basebords and a large entertainment unit in the family room in white and a wall of built in book shelves in the front den also in white have added such character to the home. Those type of decor choices go a long way!

The Kicthen is beautiful as is but isnt my style. The granite is great and I can work with it but the cabinets must be painted. SOON! That is another blog for a later date. 

This weekend we are working on the fireplace. I began to decorate it for V-day and I was not happy with how it was looking. There was to much color (Im not a fan of red) and I actually was trying to use items I had. but, lets face it sometimes you just have to shop!

You can see those dreaded kitchen cabinets in the background...again, another blog for another time. Soon!

You can see how I tried or failed. I realized this isnt me at all. Maybe I wasn't in the mood, I don't know. But in my eyes it looked horrible. The brick drives me crazy the dark mirror is something we have had for a long time. The twig wreath was in the garage and who doesn't have fake flowers laying around, so I shoved some red roses in the wreath ad voila. I love pulling in photos to my decor anytime the opportunity is there but these were not working. Just everything about this was wrong. It looked childish and juvenile to me. I decided it needed to be changed. Everything about it needed to be changed.

Off we went, shopping for a white mirror. I thought that would do the trick. (who was I kidding Ha!) We shopped and we shopped....Nothing. Then it hit me, why not just paint the one thats there. DUH! So instead I purchased white chalk paint and brushes! 

I love these type of crafts. Painting with chalk paint on this frame required no sanding at all. I simply cleaned the frame, taped up the mirror around the frame and I was ready to rock and roll.

Here are the items I used. 

And of course a clean rag. :) 

This particular mirror took 3 coats. Maybe I could have got away with less had I used primer. Did I mention I was impatient?

Don't be alarmed when using chalk paint. It usually takes a couple of coats to cover properly. Because we didnt prime this mirror first we had to do a third coat (IMPATIENT MUCH? hahaha!) It worked out though, because that third coat smoothed everything out. WIN!

No sanding is needed at all. Maybe some touch up will be needed once you pull the tape off. I tend to go light with the paint around the frame so i dont bleed onto the mirror. Thats it!.

Once we finished the mirror and hung it up and thought, why not do the brick too?! So, I gathered items to whitewash the brick.

This is a VERY simple project and you probably have all of the items needed already. 

You will need:

  • Latex paint (color of choice)
  • Water 
  • bucket
  • Gloves
  • Rag
  • paint brush
  • degreaser (I used 409)
  • sponge
  • Scrub brush 

First thing you want to do is clean the brick. Make sure to use a scrub brush to get into the grout. Pay extra attention to those areas that collect soot. Rinse and let dry.

Mix equal parts latex paint and water. 

Mist a small area of the brick with water (no dribbles) dip your rag in mixed paint and starting washing the brick. I found less is more when doing this. You can always go back and add another layer. But start light. Use a paint brush to get into the grout if it is set in deep.  Move on to the next section.

This was so easy and scary. Lets face it, once you get paint on brick you are kind of stuck. It took a few sections done before I fell in love. And when it was done I was head over heels in love with it. 

Let dry for 24 hours before using fireplace.





When we finised with the whitewashing I still wasnt happy. It still needed more. 

Every single Project I ever do always turns into something much greater. What can i say? Once I start there really isnt any reason to not continue to build on it until I'm 100% happy. I knew I wouldnt be happy with just the whitewashed brick and white mirror.

So my handy husband built on to the mantel for me. He's pretty handy and is always willing to make me happy. :) 

This was pretty involved. He had to take a trip to the depot for this. But he got it built in 5 hours from beginning to end. Pretty impressive!

I didn't want anything to ornate. I am not a ornate kind of girl. So that made his job pretty easy. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say this is a level 7. Definetly not for beginners. But if someone has knowledge of using power tools a measuring tape and is good at math they can probably get it done fairly easily too. I wouldn't have known where to begin. I am thankful for my guy!

Adding the wood surround to the exsisting mantel was the icing on the cake here. It is so much more substantial in the room. And adds so much character.

The After After :D

I am a firm believer that you should always make your home a happy one. Surround yourself with things you love and it will show beautifully. 

Adding character is what sets a house apart from a home. When you open that front door you should always take a breath of relief and say "I'm home".

Fall in love with your house on a daily basis!

Follow us as we continue to turn this Southern California Traditional home into a Rustic Farmhouse!

Leave me a comment if you loved this project! 






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