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How to style your Multi Tier Tray for under $50.00

Written by Anna Maldonado


Posted on January 28 2018

Did you buy a multi tier tray and now you're not sure what to do with it?

Don't worry. You are not alone. I have seen several people post in various groups I belong to on facebook ask for ideas on how to decorate their multi tier tray they have purchased.

It can be intimidating. Hopefully I am able to help you move in one direction or another with yours. I myself had a blast decorating mine for Christmas. But then after that It lost it's umph! (Thats a word, right?). 

I don't want to continually decorate mine for every single holiday. I want a permanant decor. So, I needed a theme. Your theme can be anything you'd like. But, id try and keep it in tune with the room you are decorating it for. 

Mine just so happens to sit on my kitchen counter. It was obvious to me that I wanted mine to be a herb/garden theme. (I moved it to the area i was working in so that I could place and play as I went). 

Once I had my theme figured out I had to go shopping. I didn't want to spend a lot of money. This accessorizing thing can get out of hand if you're not careful. I decorate on a budget. I have a 2800 sft home I am re-doing so every penny counts!

I went to several stores. I started at the Target dollar spot but everything is valentines day related. Bummer! I ended up at Big Lots (It used to be pick N Save years ago!) next. That is where I found the cool old school clock/timer, the rattan wreath and the salt and pepper shakers. Then i walked next door to Michaels arts and crafts. I could spend hours in that store! I just may have today. :)  I got the rest of my supplies there.

If you add everything up you will see that it totals just over $50.00. I bought the large chalkboard paint, you can get the small one for 2 bucks which is how i came up with the under 50. Once I decided on my theme then I needed a color scheme to use.

Black/white/green is what I settled on. It really helps to simplify your project if you can do this.

I love crafting! Anytime I can create I am a happy girl. These are super simple craft projects anyone can do. They were also SO gratifying!

Since my color scheme had black in it, I decided to paint the terra-cotta pots black. Once they were dry I simply stenciled a few herbs on them and they were ready to go.

I had some beautiful milk paint I had purchased a while back and wasn't sure what I was going to use it for. Today I used it on those salt and pepper shakers! After they were dry I senticiled on the S & P. They turned out super cute! Don't you think?

The color is "Cabinet Makers Blue" by Plaid.

The tin cans also got a coat of that beautiful milk paint and I stenciled a star on it after. Why a star? Because thats what I had available. 😄  I threw in some dessert forks and spoons I had to add a little sparkle. It helps to even out the color scheme when you have at least two items of the same color. The tin cans painted in the same color as the shakers made them make sense in the grouping. 

It's fun to add different things in the background of your tray as well. Little surprises. I found the little black tag at Michaels and stenciled #9 on it. Not perfect, but cute!

The wooden box was adorable at just 3.99 and I knew I had to have it. Since I was creating a herb garden, it was the perfect spot to notate that. I added a couple .89 cent greenery picks and it came to life. It also goes great with my beware of chicken farmhouse style tea towels! 

A wreath is a must have when decorating any room. Wherever you can sqeeze one in you must. I was so unbelievably happy when I stumbled across this one!

I had a few of the items already and added them to the finished product. All in all I think that it came out super adorable and it didn't break the bank!

Surround yourself in things that you love and you will always come out on top. When decorating a tiered tray think small. Small items grouped together can pack quite a punch. And, they are usually more affordable than larger items.

Have fun with this project!

I would love to see what you have done with yours! Share your pictures with me!

Thanks for following along with me as I get this 2006 So Cal home up to farmhouse par! A little at a time every square inch of this house is being transformed. I am loving these little projects that make such a huge impact.